Nanach for the Nations

It is my personal belief, that nanach has much to offer the whole world. Jew, gentile and noahide alike. I want to bring it to the world. This is the goal of this blog. While I believe nanach is for the whole world, Jew and gentile alike, I believe
simply being a noahide is not a end in itself.. We should not simply just be happy with were we are spirtually, but strive constantly to reach higher levels. Rebbe Nachman even pleas to hashem "To merit to be a real Jew", this should be all our goals. As noahides gentiles, or if you don't like those terms, simply nanachs... We should constantly strive for higher levels spiritually. Never being satisfied with were we are. May we all merit to be Jews, and more then that, tzaddiks! Because after all it is the heart G-d wants. nn!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

What is Nanach? Getting Started....

So.. Lets get started.... the most important texts in nanach can be found by clicking on the picture above. they are free for download. also has more information and other articles. To visit there site the image above.

To purchase nanach gear and all things nanach so you can be nanach head to toe, click image above.

                                   For free nanach music click image above

                          For nanach books at wholesale prices click image above

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