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It is my personal belief, that nanach has much to offer the whole world. Jew, gentile and noahide alike. I want to bring it to the world. This is the goal of this blog. While I believe nanach is for the whole world, Jew and gentile alike, I believe
simply being a noahide is not a end in itself.. We should not simply just be happy with were we are spirtually, but strive constantly to reach higher levels. Rebbe Nachman even pleas to hashem "To merit to be a real Jew", this should be all our goals. As noahides gentiles, or if you don't like those terms, simply nanachs... We should constantly strive for higher levels spiritually. Never being satisfied with were we are. May we all merit to be Jews, and more then that, tzaddiks! Because after all it is the heart G-d wants. nn!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Depend on G-d completely

It is very good to rely on G-d completely. As each day begins I place every moment, and that of my children and dependents in G-ds hands, asking that everything goes as G-d would want it. This is very good and I have no worries. whether or not thing go well, I am completely reliant on G-d. Whatever He desires I have already asked that I only do His will.

Before each Shabbat or Festival, I also place my observance in G-ds hands. Asking that it all would be as He wish. I can then celebrate it without worrying that I am perhaps not doing something properly. I am completely reliant on G-d, and everything is in His hands.
-Rebbe Nachman's Wisdom-

So here we have a perfect teaching for all people. Rebbe Nachman here teaches how to live our lives according to G-ds will. And how to know that we are doing just that. And not worry about anything. This here is a very very simple practive and anyone I mean ANYONE can do this, and it could be done really in less then a minute. Simply go before G-d with a heart full and abounding in love and gratefulness and humility and simply pray that every moment of your day and every moment of your childrnes day and those that depend on you in anyway be in keeping with G-ds will.

That's it! It's that simple! Pray and know from that point on that you need to worry about nothing, and if something comes up only remember that is G-ds will. And G-d wants the best for us, So even if it seems tough we need not worry because we know we already asked that all things be in his will.

This is a practice that not only can but should be done everyday. And by doing so one can bring great peace into his life, and alleviate all his worries.... 

This is another one of Rebbe Nachmans simple but universal teachings that is a taste of the world to come.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman


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